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Your Music

You are a musical ensemble with a rich acoustic sound. You want to capture a live performance that conveys what you are all about.

A Great Space

Different spaces sound differently. Some are better than others. A nice sounding room imparts a richness and cohesiveness to the overall sound.

An Authentic Recording

Great gear and seasoned expertise help to create an accurate, flattering recording of your performance.

Music is Oxygen
Who I Am

I am passionate about music. All genres. Old, new. Doesn't matter. I love music, and I love sound. I have been making and recording music for nearly 4 decades. And recording ambient sound of all types in interesting environments. But I love music. I write, perform, record, listen, and learn. Through all those years and sessions, I am continuously trying to decode and capture the elusive "It."

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Quicksilver Moments
Whatever. Wherever. Whenever.

Ansel Adams, the great landscape photographer, spoke of capturing "quicksilver light" ... fleeting and momentary. How is music any different? You hear it, then its gone ... unless you capture it. With Jingle Jangle as my muse, I record on-location music and sound in acoustically rich and interesting spaces. For example, recording a surround-sound performance of a chamber choir in a 100-year old church; recording immersive 360-degree video with tracking audio of a waterfall or a jazz quartet; recording a yodeler on Revelstoke Mountain. Its all good.

my Yin your Yang
Clean and Simple

I have worked on complex songs and arrangements, with multi-layered recordings in the studio. I like it. But here, now, I am striving to capture and replicate a performance as an audience would have experienced it. To do so, I like using great gear. My audio recording equipment is world-class -- DPA and Schoeps mics, high-end preamps and converters capable of making stellar recordings at high tracking rates (SACD/DSD). More real than real.

Serving the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia (and beyond)

I live in Vernon, British Columbia, but work without hesitation throughout the Okanagan Valley and beyond. I will also undertake projects well outside of the region, always interested in something new. As I stressed above, I have a fully mobile rig. If you have a project you'd like recorded, please contact me to discuss.